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About Us

TozziStudio was born from the collaboration of four brothers, Jan, Thomas, Walter and Amy Tozzi and works with photographers and videographer from all over the world. We have been working in the field of multimedia production for years. We love travelling and capturing love stories all over the world. People often ask us why we photograph weddings and the answer is very simple. There is no better job. Where else can you be surrounded by love, beauty, happiness and joy every time you go to work? Capturing these stories for others gives us an incredible feeling of satisfaction, which we have never found anywhere else. Our approach is simple and spontaneous. We try to create photos and videos, which could give emotions and inspire greatness to their protagonists. We always like celebrating our sensitivity, which allows us to enhance the epic beauty, never banal, of the world around us.
Making our customers happy is our most sincere desire, respecting our style, our skills, and of course their expectations.
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The Moments. The Feelings.

The big things and the small.

Tell us your story.

We’ll do our best to capture it.
We traveled around 32 countries of the world and are always adding more to our list. Check out our travel date to book your wedding, elopement or couple session somewhere over the rainbow!
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