About Us

Thomas Tozzi

I graduated at the Higher Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication in Rome in 2012. After completing my studies, I started a web project, together with other young people, for the enhancement of our land, Molise. A few months later, I decided to leave to continue the project “City Europe”, begun in the academy and inspired by the book “Le città invisibili” by Italo Calvino. I travelled solo through 25 countries of the European Union for three years. During these journeys, I met people from all over the world and this close contact with different religions, races, languages and cultures helped me to grow up, both from a human and a professional point of view. I try, in everything I do, to combine my two great passions, photography and travel.


Jan Tozzi

I graduated in Modern Philology at the University Federico II of Naples in 2013. I have been interested in cinema, music and theatre since I was a child, so after my studies, I started working as a video maker, then also as a photographer, quickly transforming the greatest passion into the most beautiful job. Driven by curiosity for everything around me, I never taken anything for granted and I love working without ignoring new technical and artistic solutions. I take my job seriously and my life lightly… “for lightness is not superficiality, but a gliding over things from above, without letting things weigh on your heart.” 


Walter Tozzi

I graduate at the Hotel Institute in Termoli. After a few years in Rome working as a cook in a restaurant in the city centre, I decided to move to London, where I lived for 5 years. In summer, I often come back to Molise and when I can, I help my brothers. We all have a great relationship and we like staying together. I am working in a chocolate shop in Turin, but opening my own chocolate shop one day is my dream. I love Molise and it would be nice to come back home one day. In a world where everything runs so fast, here I always find peace.


Amy Tozzi

In 2014, I graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilizations at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, specializing in the study of the Japanese language. I am interested in oriental culture, so after graduating, I began to approach the world of Japanese paper, in particular the art of Origami. It is nice to see how in this art it is enough to change a few folds to give life to different figures. The smallest fold is important and behind it hides a very precise detail: the beak or the wings of a bird, the ears of a dog, the tail of a fox. I approached to this art a bit for fun, but paper becomes a sort of adventures’ companion, which I can experiment always-new things with, earrings, paper necklaces, wedding and christening invitations and bookmarks to use as placeholder. For me paper is movement, it is life. It only takes two hands and a little imagination!